$14 – Airport Spectrum LAX

5757 West Century Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA
Call us anytime 310-338-9466


3 Reviews
  • "1/2 excellent"

    Entry was excellent. Exit was confusing at least at this garage. I would have preferred a more clearly indicated exit pass on my phone.

  • "Crowded"

    When we got back to LAX it seemed as though you only had two buses running and one of the buses broke down. I don’t think you had a back up bus because I could hear on the radio dispatcher tell our bus to pick up the passengers from the broken down bus. The seats and the luggage rack on the bus we were on were full and there was standing room only. The pick up was made of the stranded passengers and their luggage making in my opinion an unsafe condition on our bus. It was overcrowded with passengers and luggage. Your driver did his best to make the best of a bad situation but I think having a back up bus available or more than just two buses running would be much better. We noticed that the other parking services had many more buses running. When we arrived at the parking structure for our departing flight service was great and the bus was there waiting.

  • "jumped for me"

    When I came back, my car wouldn’t start, one of the attendants asked me if I needed a jump, he was back in 2 miutes and the car started. I thanked him.

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