$11 – Best Kept Secret Parking

$11 – Best Kept Secret Parking

147-07 Guy R Brewer Blvd, Jamaica, NY 11434
Call us anytime (718) 810-5083


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  • "clunky"

    We booked at Best Kept Secret, came to the location, asked the guy there if it was the right one and he said ‘yes’. He also accepted a parking ticket from SpotHero and gave us a small stub with info about the car and a number to call when we are back. The fun started when we came back. We called the number he gave us and nobody picked up the phone. So I called the number from SpotHero ticket, they picked up and said they would send a shuttle for us. To make story short, it turned out Best Kept Secret didn’t have our car and the guy who actually parked it didn’t work for them. So they told me to call the ‘right number’. We did and finally, they picked up the phone. It took additional 40 minutes for the shuttle to come making it almost 2 hours outdoors in below freezing temperature at JFK. At least, we got our car back.

  • "fast"

    We were sent to airport by car very quickly (in 15 min) after we dropped off our car. Pick up from the airport was also very fast.

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