$4 – Best Western Plus Intercontinental Airport Inn

$4 – Best Western Plus Intercontinental Airport Inn

7114 Will Clayton Pkwy, Humble, TX 77338
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  • "driver not great"

    Drop off and pick up were prompt, and the van was clean and cool. That’s the good part. The one negative was that, as the driver brought me to the airport to drop me off, he asked me which terminal I was going to. (A,B,C, or D). I told him that I didn’t know, but that I was flying Frontier Airlines. He told me “that’s not what I asked”, and repeated his question: Which terminal did I need to go to? I repeated that I didn’t know, that I was flying Frontier Airlines, and that we would know in a moment which terminal to go to, as the airport has large billboard signs at the entrance listing each airline and which terminal the airline flies out of. I spotted the sign and we went to the correct terminal, so it all turned out ok. I was the only passenger in the van, so the driver was not having to juggle multiple requests for drop off. Now, Frontier Airlines is a major carrier out of our airport. A driver who regularly goes to the airport should know at a minimum which terminal the major airlines go to, and really, should know them all. He should not gripe at a passenger who does not regularly go to the airport. This may seem like a minor thing, but that driver is the human face of your operation, and a bad or lazy attitude on his part colors the whole experience.

  • "no hassle"

    My experience was easy with no hassle. Signing in and out was simple. The attendant was gracious. My vehicle was unharmed. I liked paying in advance because it saved me lots of time. It was a great experience! Thanks..

  • "excellent"

    The commercial deal that I got was very competitive and the service that I received was excellent.

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