$12 – Crowne Plaza San Francisco Airport

$12 – Crowne Plaza San Francisco Airport

1177 Airport Blvd, Burlingame, CA 94010, United States

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    the entry to the hotel was obliterated–the roads were actually gone, and early in the morning, finding my way around the construction was extremely difficult. I was nearly 20 minutes late for the shuttle, but–thanks to the fumbling shuttle driver–I made it to the airport on time. In fact, when I finally pulled up to a spot and rushed over to the 6:20AM shuttle at 6:35AM, it was full, and there was no driver to be found. I finally leaned on the shuttle horn and he appeared from inside the hotel–everyone in the shuttle cheered! On the way back, I waited for nearly 40 minutes and called the hotel twice before the shuttle came. So, the shuttle is supposed to run every 20 minutes on the hour–it doesn’t. With luck, it will be 30 minutes at best. As I was trying to leave the lot at 11PM, I rang the attendant 4 times with no result. I had to move my car and walk into the hotel, where they summoned the attendant from somewhere in the back to come out and open the gate (they told me at the desk that he was “supposed to answer”). They definitely have a few hiring problems at the Crowne Plaza!

  • "hello? thanks spothero"

    There was no attendant on duty when we exited the hotel lot so we used the parking ticket we received upon entering the lot to exit. We were not sure we were not also charged for hotel longterm parking until we were able to check our credit card statement and realized your system somehow handles it. In the end, you proved very efficient and effect. But for awhile we weren’t sure. I think your instructions might mention this.

  • "Where am i?"

    Unclear directions

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