$7 – East Coast Parking

3940 NW 26th St, Miami, FL 33142
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  • "thank god"

    well when I arrived at MIA earlier that day there was a bomb threat at the airport. because of this all flights and all activity at the airport was delayed. Needless to say when I arrive to pick my car up it would have been after business hours for the location which I parked at. what I was not happy about is the fact that they told me they would leave my car keys on my tire outside so I would have to come and find a way to get to my vehicle and hopefully it would still be there for me to drive off.I had to pay an extra $15 for a cab to carry me at a location that was about 5 minutes away yes I paid for shuttle already but had to pay another charge again I was not too happy with that but thank God I did get my vehicle and I was able to drive home.

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