$7 – Herndon Park & Fly (Kohl’s)

$7 – Herndon Park & Fly (Kohl’s)

13190 Parcher Avenue, Herndon, VA 20170

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  • "Prompt"

    Convenient Prompt service (shuttle)

  • "Extended"

    Had to extend my stay. Since I was out of the country I tried to contact Spot Hero via their contact by the Internet. I never heard back form them so I had to contact someone in the USA to contact them for me and to pay the extra amount. When I was picking up my car I had a problem with trying to leave the parking garage. I did not have any more information to give the attendant except for my ID # and license #. He would not believe me that I had paid the remainder of the fee. I feel that that should all have been taken care of via the computer and that full payment was received via my ID Number and license number. Other than that encounter I had a great experience with SpotHero.

  • "height?"

    there is no height dimensions listed for the garage

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