$13 – Hotel Focus SFO

$13 – Hotel Focus SFO

111 Mitchell Ave, South San Francisco, CA 94080, United States

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  • "safe"

    I like the internet access and simplicity of a parking pass. The FOCUS hotel was very clean and safe at 3 AM. The shuttle was prompt and convenient to the airport. I liked the rate per week as I do not have much income being disabled and retired, I cannot work. When I was to return, I had no paperwork to return to the proper hotel, I was confused but called Spothero, the staff member put me at ease and I had the info right away plus she sent it to my phone for positive reference. I was able to call, get the proper shuttle and get to my vehicle within an hour from my flight. I will tell my friends and relatives about my experience, even though they live here.

  • "good price"

    V easy – shuttle service on time – price (at Focus Hotel) much better than other locations (Loft, for example) – and the parking spots were more plentiful.

  • "shuttle timing"

    All was fine and unobjectionable with the location and parking. The website noted shuttle buses leaving every 30 minutes at :08 and :38. The shuttle was actually on a :15 and :45 schedule, which increased our wait when leaving. We were told upon return to phone the desk for shuttle details. It was supposed to arrive at our terminal at 6:15. Several phone calls later it finally arrived at 6;49. Not a pleasant way to end a trip.

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