$6 – Miami Airport Marriott

$6 – Miami Airport Marriott

1201 NW LeJeune Rd, Miami, FL 33126
Call us anytime (305) 649-5000


3 Reviews
  • "top notch"

    Your reps are top notch! Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. What a great team

  • "i'm in love"

    I also loved the ease of entering and exiting the hotel parking lot but I feel that was more of the hotel’s doing. They were prompt in picking me up at the airport.

  • "dude,"

    Everything was great except that it took me a while to find my car when I returned to the Marriott near the Miami airport, necessitating my walking around in the rain for a while. It would have been helpful if the parking spots had been numbered, as after being gone for gtwo weeks, I had frankly forgotten just where I had parked it.

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