$9 – Sams Parking

5700 W 96th St, Los Angeles, CA 90045
Call us anytime (855) 726-7275


3 Reviews
  • "great location and more"

    great location and always professional. But, it does take a while for the shuttle to arrive for pick up on my return. otherwise, this is my favorite place to park.

  • "clean"

    clean place, clear instructions on how to get there and how to redeem. Also rate was adjusted and lowered due to early return.

  • "not mad, just dissapointed"

    While my car was at Sam’s Park it was damaged: the rear Toyota emblem was off and put in the trunk…I saw it when the shuttle driver and Jose were putting my suitcases in. There is a very small scratch showing that my car was bumped into and the emblem was knocked off. The shuttle driver tried to convince me it just fell off due to dust/dirty storage area! Bottom line: NOBODY told me what happened and they didn’t take responsibility for it when I discovered it. Instead he insulted my intelligence and tried to feed me B.S. ! I decided to not make a big deal about it since the scratch is so small, no dent and the emblem can be glued back on. I’m surprised they didn’t just glue it back for “damage control”, duh ! I am SO disappointed because other than my car being damaged, I had a very good experience. What a shame!

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