$19 – The Shops at Queen Crossing Garage

$19 – The Shops at Queen Crossing Garage

13620 38th Ave #11A, Flushing, NY 11354
Call us anytime (718) 309-3772


3 Reviews
  • "two stops? what?"

    The shuttle to airport was confusing, serviced two parking lots.

  • "Fantastic"

    The rate was fantastic and the staff was friendly, the free shuttle was an excellent perk. It took a while to pick our car back up, and for the shuttle to get us at the airport. All in all though a good parking experience!

  • "Fast Car"

    The experience was overall okay but when the attendant went to get my car he was driving it so fast and recklessly that I heard the car coming 30 seconds away. I was just glad that he didn’t end up damaging my car

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