$13 – WallyPark ORD

Great option near O'Hare 9950 Lawrence Ave, Schiller Park, IL 60176
Call us anytime (847) 737-4359


3 Reviews
  • "30 Min Shuttle Wait"

    Everything was fast and easy from my prospective, however, there were some people who were waiting over 30 minutes to get picked up this last time from the airport

  • "A bit Rude"

    The reps when we arrived were great. Excellent customer service. The one that handled our pick up made it seem like we were bothering her. We stood there for a few minutes while she walked around and ignored us. It wasn’t until there was someone in line behind us that she came to help. She asked me to look up how much I paid. I would think there’s someway for her to do that. I had to go searching my emails to find the exact amount. All in all, I would use spot hero again, but the customer service could be better.

  • "Friendly"

    very good and friendly place do expect to wait a little for the shuttle sometimes but also keep in mind ChiTown is a busy city so traffic is heavy .

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